Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture Me, Happy

    After months of looking, applying, interviewing (not to mention taking classes and obtaining new skills) yet not being hired I began to believe I was very unwanted.  While praying about it all, feeling the pressure of bills and knowing our living situation was coming to an end I was feeling rather stressed when a friend took me to coffee.  Jess said 3 simple words to me.  "What about photography?"  I have always wanted to try to make this pastime that I love into more than a hobby, but have never lept into the seeming abyss of owning a small business.  The nagging awareness that maybe I was supposed to be taking that leap was confirmed in Jess' question.  Every time I turned around after that a friend would say, "Why aren't you doing this full time?", or "Deea, you have a gift, use it to draw an income and not just pleasure."  So - after continued prayer, much trepidation, and ongoing encouragement from friends and family, I'd like to announce the launch of :

Lifestyle and Relationship Photography.
Come visit the new site, tell me what you think and call me to set up a session.
Thank you to all who have encouraged me along the way, and who continue to be in my corner.

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