Monday, May 30, 2011

Carry me on my way... {1}

Barefoot.  Without shoe or sock, sole or stocking.  Unclad, uncovered, undressed.
Grampa called me "Okie".   Through grasses, across gravel, & over dusty trails with nary a shod tootsie. 
Even today, in my grown-up world, it's all about comfort.   Børn flip flops cradle my summer feet when shoes are necessary.  Otherwise, without, I wander.
I've trained, unknowingly, my girls to follow suit.

Daily paths lead me to feel ~ to know the way by touch.  Tactile.  Rough, cold, grooved, cushy ... surface utterances communicated, articulated, understood.

Arriving at a destination fully aware of the pleasures, dangers, bumps and great leaps traversed amidst the trek.

1 comment:

Sara said...

This is a beautiful post my friends. Both my girls are barefooters at heart ;) Thinking of you often. xxoo