Thursday, September 08, 2011

One Last HOORAH! {day 3}

Look familiar?  Pickleball was played more than once a day usually.  In fact, after I was in bed on this last day, the 3 night owls went out for a moonlight set and one of the guys from the bar joined Minda as her doubles partner.

Lunch @ the lodge again.  This time overlooking the water and pickleball courts.  Our waitress was so great, and the food didn't disappoint.  I had Mahi Mahi tacos and they were the best I had had since Kauai!
The girls had Huckleberry Lemonades, with berries picked that morning! 
She seldom takes a serious photo - so why should I?

Poke wars.  Yes, they still act like children. 
The Sour Hucks and their imbibers.
Cassia and J are so alike.  It's always reiterated when we are together for long amounts of time.  One thing they both enjoy are long, deep, philosophical conversations.  Minda and I just sit and make faces at eachother while they wax eloquent.

Fire, lakeshore, prawns... Ahhhhhhhhhhh ...

We had leftover black bean salad that we didn't mind a bit having a second time, and I added an Peppered Orzo pasta with Feta & a dilled mustard vinaigrette to the mix.  It was gone by the end of the meal.  :D 

Can you blame her for hoping?
Then it was time for some S'mores action! I went a little different direction with them.  We had Reeses Peanutbutter Cups instead of plain chocolate, and I found graham cookies instead of crackers! 
Cassia and J hunted up some roasting sticks.
Needless to say, they needed no encouragement to dig in!

I can't have chocolate, but it didn't stop me from gobbling one marshmallow sammie!
Savoring the moment...

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