Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Days

A dream came true for me last week.  One I seriously thought was just going to remain in the 'dream realm'.   I became a student.  A Rocky Mountain School of Photography student.  What an empowering, liberating feeling it is to learn and grow; to be challenged and encouraged to go beyond the boundaries of what you have experienced up to this point. 

One of my only complaints is that classes are held in Missoula when Bozeman would be so much more interesting and fun to photograph.  I'm biased, I know.  :)
Thank you Kathy for your patient and continual support as we learned.  Thank you Jen for being such an encourager and being excited to see us succeed.
And thank you Neil for making it possible; for giving us a place to come, discover, & become.

Off to go capture my world (with my tripod attached, Kathy)!


Aubrey said...

Am so excited for you!

jen said...

Love this Deea! That mushroom shot is one of my favorites. You have a great eye for interesting shots :)