Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Have and To Hold

I love beauty.  I'm deeply stirred in that fairytale, believer-in-wonder side of me when my eyes happen upon something beautiful.
People that can create beauty fascinate me.  What a gift to be able to encapsulate ambiguity and make it tangible; able to be held & not simply behold.

Our family loves pottery.  There is something so earthy in it's tactile quality that we find ourselves often just holding pieces of it, turning them over in our hands, running our fingers over the sweet imperfections.  That's another reason for our love of it, I think.  That it isn't perfect.  Each piece has it's own personality and character.
When my Mama was alive we were both early risers.  Both of us were up and ready for our days to begin by 4 AM.  She would sit on her bed for the first hour or 2 reading, journaling, praying, or just being.  Then she would wander out to the dining room and we would have tea/coffee together.  Right before she passed away she gave me some money and told me to get something for myself.  It was silly to me at the time.  All I wanted was her.  When she did pass and I was missing our morning chat over our steaming mugs, I knew what I would use her little gift for.
I began to search for a creator of beauty.  Someone that could stir my heart; make me want to hold and feel, not just see, what they created.  Emily Davis @ DiTerra Pottery was just such a creator.

4 months (nearly to the day) after Mama's death I'm sitting at my table, reading, listening to the geese setting off for distant horizons, watching the sun rise over the mountains, and cradling beauty in my hands thinking about how much she would love this morning.  She would love these mugs too.

Thank you, Emily.  Thank you.

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pierre said...

beauty is here, on your pics !