Monday, October 15, 2012

B&W Night

I love the girls from my old office.  We've been trying to get together as families for ages and it never seemed to work out for all of us, until last Friday!  Carrie had all of us over for a B&W BBQ.  We each brought black and white contributions to the meal, & let me tell ya, trying to come up with healthy things that are black and white is difficult!  Carrie did chicken & black olives.  Ash made a delicious wild rice salad, and black figs stuffed with goat cheese!  Kris brought black bean brownies (which everyone decided tasted like gingerbread) and apples and black berries on a skewer for me.  I made forbidden rice sushi (fishless) and my quinoa and black bean salad that gets great reviews every time I bring it somewhere.
I forgot to get pictures of it all.  The excitement of being together, coupled with very little sleep the night before and a glass of wine is to blame, I'm sure. Here's the sushi though.

Layers: Seaweed, rice, sprouts, mushroom, daikon, scallion, cucumber, dry skillet tofu...

There were only 4 pieces left to bring home.
And the salad did get great reviews again.  When guys, who swear to never touch health food, eat my food and like it, I feel like I just won gold in the Olympics!  
Here's a link to the recipe for the salad.  My changes to it are simple.  No sugar or honey, and no corn nibblets (J doesn't care for corn IN things).

 I had J snap a quick pic of us ladies with his iPhone before we took off.  They are my girls (I'm the oldest by far)!   Hopefully it won't be a year before we can be together again.

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