Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebration Meal

Recipe time!

 I altered this recipe for the Cod.  Mahi and Cod are both light flaky fish, so this worked out well.  I left out the buttermilk in the topping and used white wine rather than white wine vinegar.  It was delicious, but I would add more jalapeno next time - it was zesty, but not spicy!

 This is the recipe (altered slightly, again) for the Gingered Shrimp.  I used Edamame instead of snow peas and quinoa instead of cous cous.  Edamame were truer to season and fresher at our grocer, not to mention absolutely delish!  This was my favorite dish of the evening.  I didn't eat the prawns.  But the quinoa (that I cooked in mushroom broth) and mixed with the edamame and onions? WOW.  I'll be doing it as a side again soon!

 The recipe for the pear salad was not the one I have used in the past and I was a little disappointed with it, but no one else seemed to care.  Next time I'll toast the pine pine nuts with a bit of curry powder, and add a bit more mustard to the dressing.  The only thing I changed with this one was leaving the cheese on the side for the others to add for themselves (so I could still eat it)!
 Feast waiting for eaters!
We didn't get photos of the chickpea patties being made or the cucumber salsa, but here are the recipes for both of them.  I used hemp oil rather than olive in the salsa but it wasn't spicy at all, so more peppers next time.  In the patties we used Coconut aminos instead of soy, and potato chips (organic and baked - no extra oils) instead of panko.
We were all so tired that we actually didn't play a game, we watched the battle rounds for The Voice instead.  One of C's roommates had been working all day at the hospital and hadn't had time to cook  dinner, so C whisked away some of the leftovers to her (love that my girl thought to do that - such a sweet heart).
We said goodbye to C at 8, after a rousing conversation about contradictory scientific evidences out there (too heavy a subject with a full belly, a glass of wine, & heavy eyelids), and hugs & kisses & declarations of love & promises of another day soon to be together.

(bottom 5 photographs courtesy of C picking up my camera and snapping away!  Love it when someone does that!)

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