Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Over the weekend I had a terrible allergy attack. I just couldn't get my eyes to stop Itching and watering, I sneezed every other minute, and decided to stay home from church. Nothing had hit me that hard since I left farm life as a teenager. Minda came home from youth group that night with a 4 x 4 piece of honeycomb from Bruce and Rebecca. I haven't tried this method since I was a little girl on the farm, but chewing local honey is supposed to introduce your allergies into your body in small enough doses that your body produces the antibodies and blockers that it needs to overcome the allergens in the air. Whether it works or not, it is delicious and I felt very "taken care of". It was generous and thoughtful. I've been chewing it every morning and have had few symptoms :o) Uninterrupted breathing is a good thing.That night we also had the most gorgeous sunset. J rushed in from youth group, grabbed my camera and said, "Babe, come take a picture!!!" God never ceases to amaze us in this new landscape of ours. Every day, every season, sometimes by the hour, He is whispering changes into the wind that play themselves out in ways that leave us breathless.
In the midst of allergies, I did manage to be productive! The room is painted! The brown here looks almost green, but it is actually a deep, fudge color. Delicious. Its called Espresso Bean. I love it! The red is a simple, pure red called Kiss Kiss.
We are loving walking in. It still shocks us a bit! I was able to get permission from our landlords to buy curtain rods ~ finally! We haven't had curtains in our room since we moved in almost 2 years ago. I made curtains to match our new spread and the walls, so I'll post those when we get them up!
How I love change! It feels nice to have this done!
Karyn is here with us from Moses Lake for a few days! We picked her up at the airport on Monday evening. There'll be photos forthcoming of her time here with Minda (if they'll ever keep their hands down when I'm snapping shots!). Hope all of your weekends went well and that you are feeling blessed and loved and cared for, as I am!


Sara said...

So sorry to hear of your sneezy fit. No fun. Your room looks LOVELY. The red is perfect. Can't wait to see it in REAL life. :) xxoo Love you!

naomi said...

oh my, those allergies sound terrible, i am so sorry. i hope the honey comb works! also, love the new colors in your room. new paint is so fun!

loeffler said...

Your room looks awesome!