Friday, August 22, 2008

In for a landing

Earlier this summer the Blanchards had planned a camping trip to the Yellowstone area. Kary'n was going to come stay with us while Jim and Paula traveled through the park, but plans were discombobulated, as they often are in summertime, and we got the call that they weren't coming after all. Kary'n called again though. This time to say that they had a free ticket if she could come stay with us for 11 days! We picked her up Monday at BAP! She was treated to a most amazing sunset that night, & although none of the kids saw it, the Sunrise was also spectacular!Our days, so far, have consisted of lazy mornings, touring the town and countryside in the afternoons, and dinners and games and movies in the evenings. (and of course there has been non-stop giggling and goofiness from these 2!)Waiting for Tof to finish work (sporting their Ross finds from the day before).Going Organic At the Flying C - yes, they are in long sleeves and sweaters, it's been chilly here!Of course we had to do Rockford - both girls got hot coffee because they were cold!We went to the Emmerson Cultural Center. The girls found a trunk full of buttons and plopped down for half an hour to sift through them! Little did they know that a reporter from our local arts paper, The Tributary, was sitting there and asked for photos of the girls doing their treasure hunting for the article coming out in Sept. on the Emmerson! I'll link it when it comes out.Here's the 2 bohemian beauties at a very tea party-ish setting. There were all these fun chairs and flowers and herbs set up outside the Center, so we stopped for a photo-op.Breakfasts have been about 10 AM, filled with laughter and stories, and a little eating...But mostly stories and laughter!

K is here for 4 more days. Today we have a picnic planned out in the Hilyte Canyon, tomorrow is J's and C's day off so who knows what we'll do, Tuesday begins Catapalooza at MSU and we are going out to hand out water bottles and flyers since our church is on campus!

Wed. eve. we have to take her to the airport so I'll spend the day washing her clothes and helping her pack.

It's been such a blessing having her with us. So thankful that I adore my children's friends!

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