Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good Times - Great Oldies

It's time to come together ~ It's up to you, what's your pleasure?!?!?!
"Bite of Bozeman" kicks off the Sweet Pea festival every year. We joined Dan & Jess and 2 new friends, Mark & Katie, downtown for some fun and festivities. J got a giant turkey leg ~ but the thing looked more like a Brontesaurus drumstick!
J celebrated year #41 and a friend, Scott Robertson, showed up at band practice with an original creation! He amazed us! It's huge and so beautifully done. When Scott asked Minda and I what to paint for J we told him that J loved and missed the ocean, especially the waves. I gave him a few photos of the Washington coast and he did some online searching as well and then presented us with this absolutely breathtaking masterpiece. I can't wait to see it in J's office. Stop in and see it up close and personal if you are in the vicinity!!!! Click on Scott's name above to see more of his paintings!
I went to YAA Friday to pick up the kiddos. They were tired (exhausted actually) but happy and ready to come home. We had to rush, so they didn't get to say too many goodbyes, but Elizabeth and JoAnna made it into a photo! Why were we in a hurry? We had to finish getting ready for J's party and the Murray's were due anytime!
Moe and J have the same birthday (37 years apart, but who's counting!) so we celebrated both of them! We made homemade Peppermint ice cream, chicken Chi-ladas, salsa, salad and chips. We love it when the Murray's are with us. We laid back, laughed, listened to 80's music (Journey Rocks!), watched You-tube videos (have ya'll seen the little yo-yo boy? DUDES! amazing!), and tried to stay cool in the 95 degree heat (without airconditioning and after baking chi-ladas and brownies)!
J got some help opening gifts (Moe had just opened his new fishing pole). Moe didn't wait for the wrapping to come off and announced, "It's a book!" and then (at Don's prompting) "It was REALLY 'spensive, Passer James!" :o)

It was a great evening! Comfort and Joy! Friends and Family! Food and More Food! Laughter and Ask a Ninja. bit of an anti-climax at the end but all in all - Awesome!


Judy Paul said...

Happy birthday again James. Deea, we enjoyed your pics of the 2-person party. What a great painting of the ocean!! Have a good day up on your mountain and we'll enjoy looking out at Moses Lake- presently a breezy 77 degrees. Love, Mom and Dad

loefflermom said...

Miss you guys!

I could really use a cup of coffee and a visit with you.


Anonymous said...

There is just nothing like great friends. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Give your man a happy birthday hug from us! H