Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Haven Shoebox Arrival

God is a God of relationship! That is what I love about these swaps. Holy Spirit builds new relationships through sharing with someone I probably will never meet face to face, but whom I now pray for daily.
Amazing. Amazing that you can come to love and admire someone you have never spoken to, seen, or have even "known" more than a few short weeks. That seems only possible through God. There is no distance or unknowns in Him.

Aubrey became my focus a month ago. She is a mom of 3 (soon to be 4!) of the cutest little ones on the planet. We didn't have much correspondance because of life's hecticness, but I was able to read her blog and get to know her family a bit. I prayed as I picked things out for her box that they would really bring joy and blessing to the Haven I know she strives daily to create for her precious family.
Aubrey's box arrived today! Inside I found "unwind" foot scrub salt, Barefoot home essentials cleaner, 2 green and white handmade dishcloths (that match our walls beautifully!), a CD by a group I have not heard, and a lovely, cream colored hanging heart with Joshua 24:15 inscribed on it! It's raining today and I look forward to playing the CD and sipping a cup of tea. It also happens to be cleaning day, so I will have to try out the cleaning spray!!
Thank you Aubrey! I know life got a bit hectic and it was sweet of you to set some special time aside to bless me!
I LOVE the CLEANER!! I will be going to their website for more of this amazing, cinnamon goodness!! This is definately my FAVE from the box!
The heart hangs in our kitchen window. I just love it!
The kids have listened to the CD more than I have (I've only heard the first song!).
Over vacation (the next two weeks!) the girls and I will be using the Unwind footsie stuff! "Pamper!" is our current M.O. as we walk into our first time off in over a year!!
Thank you again, Sweet Aubrey! :o)

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*carrie* said...


I enjoyed reading your sweet words about the pleasure of swapping and putting together a special box for someone you don't know. Thanks for joining us!

thehomespunheart said...

Thanks for joining our swap - I'll have to check out that cleaner!


Aubrey said...

Hey Deea, thank you so much for the awesome swap box! The kids are loving the whimsical little pin-wheels and I am enjoying the tea! Blessings!