Monday, October 05, 2009

And so it begins...

October has come in like a lion! For 2.5 days we have endured high winds and storm warnings.
Needless to say, we have stayed inside as much as possible. The frigid days have made us want to cozify, so this month's menu is almost all soups!
Buckles is a trooper! He has a shelter, and is fed well, he had to come out and get some apples from me though. That winter undercoat is coming in!
This morning I was up at 2:30. Who knows why, but this was the scene I awoke to!

Cassia doesn't have to work today, there is leftover soup and a fire will be roaring in the fireplace soon.
Hello Winter, & welcome.
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whittakerwoman said...

I don't know why my rss reader does this but it updates your blog every 20 posts or so. So... I just got caught up on your summer and now this post is winter! Geesh! I must say that soup looks tasty. I am sitting here wanting the simple life I see in all your pictures. I love it. Hope to see you at some time! H

Deeapaulitan said...

It isn't your RSS, Heather. It's my stinky internet! I have to get my posts ready and then when I have time to be in town I load them all at once! Glad you took the time to catch up.
As for simple, it sure doesn't feel simple! A lot busier than when the kids were small and all we had to do all day was bake or cuddle or read.
We would love to have you all any time you want to come!