Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Sara K., Jess, Liz, Joanie, Amber, Sarah S. and I headed out into the clear, cold morning yesterday to take the kiddos to Rocky Creek Farm's Fall Pumpkin fest.  Hay rides, tractors, forts made of haybales, carmeled apples, face painting and, of course, pumpkins!
My favorite moment of the day was when Jess handed Noah a carmel apple.  Top heavy in a little fist, it tipped directly over onto his shoulder.  He just left it there and turned his head to get all that sticky goodness into his mouth!! Classic!

Bates and Rachel.  Batesy didn't want to sit on the pumpkin until he got a good look at Rachel! 

Beautiful, sweet Hannah.  I absolutly fell in love with this little girl. 

Sara and her festive little-bit-o-jack-o-lantern, Amelia!  Doesn't Sara have the best smile?  You should hear her laugh!  It's even better!

The truck - decked out in Fall Finery!

Hay ride to the "patch"

All the pumpkins they grew froze, so they trucked some in and set them inn the orchard for the kiddos!  Joanie brought Kale-bug since mama had just gotten home from the hospital with JP.

Lily was the big girl of our bunch. She is just precious.  Kind and happy, caring and silly - all the things the others can look up to and love!

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