Monday, October 19, 2009

Meeting Marion

Shaun and Anna flew up to Spokane with the kiddlets for Joel and Courtney's big day! Hard to believe it was only a few short years ago we were celebrating their special day!

Wasn't long before our nephew and niece were in our arms. Conner played with the 3 other 2 year old boys, but he ran up to me twice just to pat his sister and rub noses with me! He gave Uncle Jim knuckles several times just to hear him 'explode'. Marion fell asleep soon after I took over from Joel and James, and I didn't give her up for very long the rest of the evening.

I'm blessed that we were able to see her at this age and that they are close enough that it will only be a few months before we see all of them again. They change so quickly! We last saw Conner in April, he was talking, but now he is speaking in sentences and has quite the sense of humor.
He knew us all by name! I can't describe the joy of being called by name by that raspy voiced little man.

Cassia was really the only one I passed Marion off to besides her mama. Can't wait to see my daughter as a mama, she is such a natural, just like her Auntie Anna. We didn't get many photos since our hands were occupied with all the preciousness. I can't wait for Christmas!
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Shaun and Anna said...

What a fun time! I love seeing my children bond with your family and share the love that I have for you all!