Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lion's Ridge Sherpas

Good friends of ours, Ryan and Mindy Connelly, run an adventure expediton /camp here in Bozeman.
Lion's Ridge has existed for about 5 years and has been totally a labor of love, in pursuit of a vision to see lives forever changed.

"Eyes to see. Hands to serve. Hearts to love." Through adventure and the education of the wilderness of Montana, Ryan teaches and trains people, of all ages, to: See that there is more to life, and find the beauty of a moment. Serve with their physical strength by helping one another and giving themselves fully to that service. Love with a heart that is grateful, blessed and full because of the time spent seeing and serving.

Last night Ryan & Mindy sent out a Sherpa call. A sherpa is 'one who walks with another to help shoulder the load, and often to help stay a course'. We gathered in Lee & Debbie's new home, for 2 hours to hear about what happened in those who had come to take part in those life changing adventures over the summer. We nibbled on Debbie's wonderful hors d'oeuvres as we listened to how we could be Lion's Ridge Sherpas.
We left having new sight, wanting to serve, with full, blessed, and grateful hearts.
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Sara said...

Wish we would have been back for this...see you soon my friend! xxoo

Deeapaulitan said...

I thought about you several times when we were there - in fact everytime a tractor was mentioned I thought of Matt!
Everyone was asking about you today when we were at the football game. Glad we don't have to wait much longer!