Monday, February 01, 2010

With Love, For Wyatt

There are advantages to being part of a smaller community. One is that when you are hurting, those around you hurt with you.
A few weeks ago Wyatt Welch, a junior at Belgrade High, was warming up for a wrestling match when he landed wrong and broke his neck. He was flown to Denver, but those left behind in Belgrade wanted him to know that they were with him, even 500 miles away.
A benefit auction, concert, taco feed & carnival were arranged to raise funds for his medical expenses.
A fellow church plant, Imagine, took on organizing the carnival for the kids and asked us, Summit Church, to be a part.
The whole thing was a huge hit. We all decorated, and took pains to make sure it looked festive and fun for the kiddos.
We were busy with spinning paint and laughter all evening. Here's Minda helping Gracie create a work of art!

We created some ourselves for Minda to take home for her wall or cards or notebook covers...

Toward the end of the carnival we gathered most of the attendees for a photo to send to Wyatt. 
Can you feel the love?
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Juanita said...

A very special story indeed. Sad to hear about Wyatt, though :-(