Sunday, February 07, 2010

All Because of Relationship

As many of you who are long time blog readers know, Minda has had a dream of becoming an archaeologist since she was 5 or 6. Grama Linda bought her a palentology dig trip for her 13th birthday just to fuel her dream. Since we moved to Montana she has been dreaming of the hot, dry sands of Egypt even more.
Rewind again to when this dream first began.
We had just become a part of the budding 'internet world' and Yahoo Chat in particular. James being a musician and worship leader went to a Christian chat room and asked, "Anyone want to talk about worship?" A woman from Texas replied and they began a long conversation that covered a wide variety of topics. When they finished, James told her she reminded him of me in so many ways he'd love to get us together to chat too. The next night we did. Her name was Zanetta. Her husband, Randy, didn't believe I was real. :)
That was the beginning of our relationship. We hit it off immediately, and have stayed close over the past 11 years!
Now, back to the present. Just after Minda's graduation in May, Zanetta and Randy announced their intention to become full time missionaries in Israel. Through an offhanded comment on Facebook, about being able to get Minda awfully close to Egypt if she came with them to Israel, plans and dreams began to take on form and flesh. Questions started pouring out of her. How much would she need? How long would she be there? What would she be doing? Could she possibly go to school there? Visit Egypt? Would they really be willing to allow her to come?
She leaves in June! They will be living in the main port city of Haifa where they will be working with the poor, beginning an outreach to college students at the University of Haifa, and providing some 'home' contact for the naval forces that dock there.
BUT - her favorite part so far? No Snow! Warmth. Sun. Sea Breezes. Fresh Figs. And, Oh yeah! The possibility of gaining a student visa and remaining in Haifa to get her archaeology degree.
Who would have guessed an internet chat 11 years ago would have congealed into a lasting friendship that would be an avenue to a little girl's dream coming to pass?
All is falling into place, piece by piece. We are still working out details. Another thing you can all be praying about! We are just a bundle of prayer needs in this household!
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Juanita said...

'Tis good to be able to live a dream out loud.

zanetta said...

Oh Girl! I could have given you a decent picture... hahahaha...Maybe I still should and you could edit?
Love ya, ~Z

Deeapaulitan said...

I'll put up a new post with a new shot when she heads out, if you'll send me one. :)