Saturday, February 06, 2010

Olympic Hopeful

Our son is and, honestly, always has been a performer. If any of you watched the hanging of the Christmas ornaments video, you know he likes the camera. More than that he has talent. He is gifted in so many arenas, in fact, that it's a little overwhelming.

At Joel and Courtney's wedding in October, Aunt Marilyn (a performer in her own right), gave him the name of an agent to contact if he ever wanted to seek representation and pursue acting, singing, songwriting, dancing, modeling as a career (or even just to earn $$ toward further education).
3 weeks ago he auditioned for that agent. He performed 2 songs, one accapella (they had no piano for him) & one on guitar (both original pieces. Music and lyrics by him), read a cold script, and presented a self-choreographed dance.
He walked away with all 10's.
The agency asked him to be a part of the USA team at the World Championship of Performing Arts (a team of about 300 kids from 8-19 years old in 25 categories of performance) & to come and begin training with some of the coaches. An "olympics" of performance talent.
He'll be training in voice, instrument, poise, acting, perfomance, exercise, +.  The next 6 months will be intense.
He is moving in March and I will see him little to none over the time he is training, and my heart is sad to have to let go a bit more, but blessed to see him happy and pursuing a dream.
This is not the road I would have chosen for him - but it isn't mine to choose. I'm learning to be a whole new kinda of mama.
I'm also learning to be a whole new kind of daughter of God.
Trust. So simple in theory, but when you have no way of controlling the circumstances around you, when there is nothing you can do if something goes wrong &, worse, it is flesh and blood dearer than your own that is on the line, trust becomes your only sustenance.
Ps. 37:5 is my mantra right now-
"Commit all to the Lord. Trust Him also."
(I go for simplicity)
I'll keep you posted as things progress. He is writing personal monolouges, giving notices for his departure, making arrangements to live and work there, and dealing with the general stresses of life (car troubles, paying bills, things not working right...).
Next week I'm taking his promo shots. Nice that my photography skills come in handy somewhere.
Pray for us.
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zanetta said...

I know how you feel. I'm proud that he is pursuing something...he's had a firm foundation built beneath him....okay...gotta finish reading.