Sunday, February 28, 2010

Changes Ahead

So many new and exciting things are happening in the Paul household.  We are moving at the end of the month to a sweet, little condo on the west side.  J is peddlin' scrips for the Chronicle while still spinning all his other plates.  Tofer jets off for Couer d'Alene to chase a rainbow.  And,  I'm following a dream of my own.  In April I'm starting my own photography business.  Scary, exhilerating, and surreal all knotted together in the core of me whenever I think about it.  Yesterday I purchased a website, and domain name.  A friend is helping me come up with a logo and designing a flyer.  Then there is the banking, pricing, recordkeeping, email, phone, lisence, printer, ...  Details up the Wahzoo!  :)  So forgive me if, in the midst of all these new adventures, this blog is quiet. 
I promise I will post when I can.  I'll put up a link to the website when it's functioning and let you know when we have officially kicked-off! 
In the meantime, I could use your prayers!  We all could!  :) 

1 comment:

Cassia said...

NoOoO! Not...ChAnGE! ;D

I'm excited for you and this new step in your journey as a photographer Momma ; ) You definitely have a gift in that area and it's a blessing to watch you take some serious steps towards it ; )

Love you.

(...already miss you Tofer...)