Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Morning :: Day 18

Say "hello" to my little friend, Bill. Bill is the 4th Duck to grace a J. Paul family dashboard. Shades was the first. He flew the coop when we took a sharp corner with the windows down in Beezus. Next came Webber. Webber was a victim of a similar fate in Beezus. When Tofer started driving he put Yo on his dash. Yo is about as cool a mascot as they come. He's taped to the dash in his sharpied sunglasses and jewelry. When Mom gave us Orson to drive he needed a ducky too. Minda found Bill. Bill float on his back enjoying the views out Orson's big windshield. He fits perfectly into the air trough and glides back and forth around corners within it's boundaries.
Not one of them has been as special as Shades (the first always has more charm) was, but I doubt I will ever own another vehicle that doesn't have a web-footed friend to share the ride with.
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