Saturday, July 10, 2010

In the Morning:: Day 13

Moses lake sunsets are hard to beat. I went to bed so exhausted last night that I didn't get up until 3 hours past my normal rise and shine time. Needless to say you are getting one of Cassia's photos and just a reflection of what Saturday was. The heat has been lessened here because of a forest fire upland somewhere. What it does to the sunsets is even more amazing than what it does to the temperature. This time is going by so quickly; not enough time to be with everyone I want to. I know, though, that Montana is where we belong; where our hearts are.
I had a project I had to do for an exhibit at The Emerson that asked me to make a representation of what I feel home is. I went a little further and asked others what they felt of when they thought of home. The common thread was being with people you can just be yourself with and be accepted and know you are loved. That is why this place feels so good, I think. That is why we think of it as home.
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Shaun and Anna said...

So beautiful! I miss that!

Deeapaulitan said...

Me too! Especially now that we are in town and can't see sunrise or sunset unobstructed. The lake magnifies the beauty of them.