Monday, July 05, 2010

In the Morning :: Day 8

Soaking up the sun. ~ It's the way Cricket looks here that made me shoot her photo this morning. Slightly sad, even in her contentment.
I learned today that a women who has greatly influenced my life passed away yesterday. Sono and I met in the strangest way. I knew who she was by name only, because of her husband's teaching series, Seasons of Life, that my husband and I had listened to over and over again. I was at the bi-annual Hannah Anderson sale when I ran into her. We found we had much in common as we shopped. Both homeschool mamas, both very small in stature but feisty, both loved gymnastics, both loved God... She had just had a daughter, I was just about to have our second daughter. I saw her again later that year at a homeschool conference where she took time to encourage my heart. I didn't know her well, obviously, but she was a gift to me. I followed Greg and Sono through their sermons and teachings, Josh's books & sermons, Alex & Brett's blog and books, Sarah's blog and other ways through the years and everytime Sono's name came up I would hear her voice, see her smile and my heart would smile too. It will continue to.
Goodnight, Sono.
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