Monday, January 24, 2011

At This Moment ::

At this moment, I am ...
:: wishing for just a bit of away time.  Obligation-less time.  Just heat, & lovely food & wine.
:: loving  the freshness the new fabric Malinda and I chose for our table cloth is adding to the mornings, and evenings gathered around it.  Also loving 60% off. :)
:: pondering  this season of life and all it's sweetness and challenges.  Who would have thought 40 would present a whole new set of questions?
:: thinking about family.  J&C just told us they are expecting a boy in June!  Hmmm.... What to make?  Oh! the possibilities! Must get on with it...
:: singing along to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.  J'adore.
:: anticipating  the new (Tomorrow!! It comes out tomorrow!) Iron & Wine album (Kiss Me Clean) with butterflies. Might be on the playlist for the rest of my life.   *sigh*
:: smiling  & remembering time with friends this past weekend. Even sweeter with the Guster's giggles.
:: snuggling under handmade quilts and remembering how much I loved watching the aged & wrinkled  hands that made them.  Miss you GranGram.
:: rejoicing that work is over for the day.  Well, at least, I'm ignoring the rest of it for now.
:: planning an evening of Seven Hills Malbec, Beechers No Woman, and Spicy (you know me - out with the Pablonos, Helloooo Habaneros!) Maiz Molino con Polo (similar to this) with Mr. Delicious.

:: believing tomorrow will be a brand new day, with no mistakes in it, yet, and full of mercies  ~ renewed every morning by a great God.


zanetta said...

At this moment: I just brewed more decaf coffee for my evening meeting. Love the table cloth.
What I wouldn't give for a few days up north with you all...wanna be in business with me so I can justify and deduct that flight? LOL
This post makes me remember days gone by. love ya!

Cassia said...

This post was delish ;-)

Love the photo of dad with Kelly and the boys ;)
You'll have to tell me how you like that Iron and Wine album! ;)

Deeapaulitan said...

Z - :D Love it. Love you.

Cassia - I&W's newest is so different. It isn't that "spare" (as in simple and un-busy) music I'm used to from them, but I still really like a lot of it. It sounds almost 60's psychedelic sometimes.