Friday, January 28, 2011

The Thrills Keep Coming...

Margotbianca's linens ~ Set me thinking of spring and toasty sunshine.
DiTerra's Starry Night Mugs.  Summer nights. Fireflies. & swirling balmy air.
Shalet's felted acorns ~ There is something intrinsically delightful acorns.  When they are felted and a beautiful blue the delight is simply mesmerizing.
 Sewn Natural.  I have Baby Nephews and Nieces on the heart. So many ambrosial diversions.
 Wicked Pen.  Alluring sweet little nothings.
 Artyscapes seasonal tree pendants.  I think I would wear them to signify my moods.  LOL! Spring - feeling renewed & life is flowing, Summer - warmed & free; fruitful, Autumn - cozy, anticipating, letting go, Winter - quiet, mellow, introspective...
 Christy's Bags!  Oh My, Oh My, Oh My! I know I'm a little person, but I just love BIG bags. 
 Joom's notecards. & Everyday Grace's.  Simplicity speaks to me.  I used to, in my younger years, be into all the Victorian excess & foof & frill.  The older I've gotten the more beauty I see in the lack of those things. I find I breathe more deeply in the uncluttered.
Earthart.  ~ Dream are meant to be unaffordable, right?  At least unaffordable for the dreamer.  I love more than just the canvases above from Laura.  I think I'd put one of her pieces in every room of my home.

What is thrilling you ?!  Do tell!

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