Friday, January 28, 2011

Time with Minda

 I have a photo session Sunday in Springhill and wanted to check out the locale before the day.  What a GORGEOUS day it was!  I almost wished we could have done the shoot right then.  
Minda has become mm nearly-constant companion these days.  Running errands, photoshoots, even just quick grocery runs (because I'm out of floss and it's bugging me!) she throws on a jacket to ride along. 
 This day was no different.  We shot this for Josh.  That is Ross Peak behind Malinda and it was Josh's fave when he was here. Miss that fella.  The snow out here was knee deep, but untouched.  It was pristine!  I can't wait to shoot some lovers out here!  WooHoo!
Then came the drive home.  Neither of our other kids had to go someplace special to learn to drive.  We lived in the boonies (sorta) and just practiced going and coming on the backroads until they felt ready to conquer traffic.  Minda, however, has had her permit since August or Sept. and this was the first time she got to drive (Other than once from our driveway to a stop sign.  That experience made me say, "I think we need to go out of populated areas before you try that again."). 
Still a tad nerve wracking for Mama even on the 25 MPH roadway with no cars to be seen (she likes to hug the shoulder... or piggyback ride it... or she is intensely polarized by the center yellow line...) but, we made it.  She's ready for round 2.


Aubrey said...

Hooray Minda!! But, um, your making me cold in your shortsleeves and cute shorts with leggings. It's 50 here at the moment and I am bundled in a sweater! Happy driving!!!

Deeapaulitan said...

I think it was about 38 /39 the day I took the photo! Difference between Montanans and Alabamans! We see anything above 30 as a heat wave! LOL!