Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Books! Books! Books!

This is the kids' book cupboard. As you can see, every shelf is lined two rows deep. The funny thing (actually there are 2 'funny things') is that when we began homeschooling my husband's first comment was, "I want our kids to love reading." For a while it didn't look like that was going to happen. I resorted to bribery (an American Girl doll) in order to get Cassia to read her 1st 'big' book. But since then she hasn't stopped, and the others seem to have followed her lead! Here's funny thing #2 ~ What you see above aren't all there are in our house. The girls have their own stash in their room (on shelves, window sills, dressers...) and so does Tofer! James & I have the entire top of our closet lined with 'grown-up' books, and then there's the school cupboard too...
I mentioned in the last few posts that I am a sucker for kids' books, & that I entertained the thought of being a writer at one time even ~ so, maybe this is my way of living vicariously. I am seldom without a book in hand or close at hand. They are in the bathroom, on the nightstand, the coffee table... and stacked here and there and everywhere when I am in the middle of 3 or 4 at a time! Old bookstores are magnetized to the core of me, even stronger than Starbucks!
Tofer and I have a dream of owning a chunky, old brownstone book store where he can play guitar in a corner and people can wander into another era just by walking through our door. (He's drawn out the plans.) Cobbled walls, hardwood floors, sconces at intervals along arched, cherry shelving. The floors scattered with handwoven wool rugs, and big, over stuffed, gentlemens' club-style chairs with little round tables to set your espresso on while you peruse one of the volumes. Did I say espresso? (it's tucked into another corner of the shop!) Spiral staircases that lead to more books and more cozy nooks... I'd even have a kitty curled up somewhere if I wasn't alergic!
I think James got his wish!


James said...

No cats! They'll have already read all the books. They'll just sit there, looking intelligent, as if to say, "You've been reading that one for quite a while now, haven't you? When are you going to finish it? I'm waiting for an intelligent discussion."

One of my hopes is that your dreams regarding children's lit. are realized. You have more to say now than ever. You are a deep well of knowledge that's waiting to be drawn. "My wife, Deea Paul, the famous children's author." I like the sound of that!

Deeapaulitan said...

I like the sound of the author thing too. I'll tell you what. I'll do the author thing if you do the church planting thing! :)

Deeapaulitan said...

The Paul family loves to read...probably thanks to there moma! Pride and Prejudice was awsome huh? (lol) Love you!