Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mother Culture

I have not always been , and still am not, the best of mothers. I love being a mom, however. I always have wanted to be looked on like one of the serene ladies in a Fredrick Morgan painting. But alas, I think I shall be an attendant in the courts of Heaven before I have a countenance like an angel. Charlotte Mason believed that this countenance of contentment, of serenity, can come about even during stressful times when a mother learns to occasionally do for herself what she does for her children - go out to play.
I feel very guilty when I do something like this, and very lonesome. The only time it feels right is when Jim takes me to Starbucks once in awhile for an hour! I guess it's my playground!


James Paul said...

"...Starbucks once in a while?"


Deeapaulitan said...

one day out of the week and NO not EVERY week. But I will conceed to MOST weeks, but still only one day and so that constitutes ~ Once in awhile!!!