Saturday, October 01, 2005

High Rhulain

One You Otter Read!
16 years ago, before I had kids, I came across a book with a cute mouse in a green munk's habit on the cover. He was holding a sword aloft in his right hand and a round shield in the other. I was captured by the wise & determined look in his soft brown eyes. Little did I know the adventures I would set forth on because of that one small, furry creature who tripped over his sandals and into my heart.
I'm a sucker for children's literature. When I can't find something to read in the house, my husband jokingly says, "Why? Haven't the kids gotten any new books lately?" It's an unspoken contest to see who can keep the new books away from Mom the longest. They usually give in after a couple hours of being duct taped to a chair and a steady drip of water pelting their little noggins. Works like a charm and doesn't leave any marks!
Jacques books are hard for me to put down. My kids make their own meals, tuck themselves in at night and walk around speaking in hushed tones when I am in the middle of a Redwall Saga.
This is BJ's newest tale. I can't wait to read it, but it is only available in the UK right now. After 17 novels you would think that some of the romance would be gone, but every adventure finds me deeply entranced.
In this lateset epic Young Tiria Wildlough is an ottermaid touched by the paw of destiny. Her epic adventure takes her on a journey from Redwall Abbey across the Great Western Sea, to the mysterious Green Isle. There she must fulfill an ancient prophecy and gain her inheritance.
Go ahead, I won't tell. Forget those hard, crusty grown-up novels or self help books. Martin awaits.


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