Thursday, October 06, 2005

What I hope: part 1

Theodore Roosevelt taught a Sunday school class at one time in his younger days. When a boy showed up late, with a shiner, and admitted he'd been fighting (on a Sunday no less!), TR asked what had gone on. The young man looked boldly into the eyes of his teacher and bravely told how he had tried to protect his sister from a bigger boy who was pinching her. It had turned to fist-a-cuffs. TR gave him and dollar and told him he had done "just right". He didn't leave it there though. For a full two months following that black-eyed Sunday, TR trained the young man in the 'discipline of protection'. (He taught the kid to box!)
My hope is that my son becomes this picture of masculinity (both of them: the protector and the encourager/trainer). The vestrymen at TR's church thought he was wrong in what he did and asked him to 'step down'. How sad. The men out there who set an example of friendship, courage, faithfulness, and integrity are few. Those who are willing to encourage a young, chivalrous heart onward instead of tying their hands is a form of faith. Faith looks past the surface of the shiny, blackened eye to the hands that were quick to defend and the love that wanted to protect. Like the sculptor that looks at the enormous slab of solid marble with flaws but sees with eyes of faith the 'David' inside.
My hope is that James and I can be the TR or Michelangelo in Tofer's life.


James said...

The church needs a facelift and a beard. Too much estrogen on Sunday mornings. It could be a big reason why young men are MIA in most houses of worship.

But heroic, Biblical manhood's greatest allie are Godly fathers who see their call as a vitally important and dangerously neglected.

Deeapaulitan said...

You're awesome! I'm so thankful that you have a faith-filled vision for our family!

Marcguyver said...

Well, let's see....I wonder how many Christian males would take up the call of say a David or a Joshua now-a-days and go ahead and walk into a city and start slaughtering the enemy with their bare hands and a sword. ???

My boy came home the other day and said that he was talking with his friends and some other kid just walked up and threw a soccer ball right into his face!!! He didn't do anything other than say, "Hey, what was that for?" I said, "Man, I would of knocked his block off! He'd think twice next time before throwing something else in my face again!"

I would agree that typically violence only make things worse however, when the wolf growls at the door at 2 or 3 in the morning, you're not going to have much effect on them by asking them politely to leave you and your family alone. And bullys, punks, and thugs usually only get away with their 'behavior' because the decent, kind, law-abiding folk LET THEM!!

Whatever happened to calling a spade a spade and standing up for what's right, even if it might cost you a black eye or two? I'd rather go down swinging, then stand there taking it and allowing others to just walk all over me or my loved ones because that's supposedly the 'Christian' thing to do.

Hmmmm, I wonder how much I stirred up with that one??? :)

Deeapaulitan said...

This story got me because the young man was protecting someone else. If that same bully would have walked up to Kelsey while your son was standing there, I'm not sure he would have said "Hey, why did you do that?" I know for me, my first instinct is SELF preservation and maybe that is why Jesus was so clear in the demonstration of NOT protecting himself, but was full of anger over those who hurt or abused others... especially in His Father's name.
Where it becomes difficult for me is when it comes to war. Not this last one so much because of the fact that WE were attacked and they are fighting to protect us and our way of life. I am sorry it has gone on so long. I am sorry the president has endured the belittling and confrontations of angry "Americans".
Balance in life is so important, and so very difficult to maintain. I know one thing ... I can't do it apart from God! Or ANYTHING else for that matter.

Marcguyver said...

If you want, I've posted a lengthy article about this subject on my blog..............check it out!