Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Across the seas comes Vizka Longtooth with a crew of Searaiders, and a captive badger. Bound for plunder and conquest. The aged Badger Lord of Salamandastron sends forth a haremaid, questing for his successor. A young thief exiled from Redwall. A Brownrat chieftain, with his savage horde, is ravaging Mossflower country. The fates of many creatures, both good and evil, are caught up in this saga of war and destiny. Over the cold Northern Isles, across the heaving seas, sweeping through forest and plain, from the badger mountain to the ancient stones of Redwall Abbey, the warcry thunders out... Eulaliiiiaaaaaaa!

Brian Jacques has been eliciting cheers from Redwall fans for twenty years. Brian initially wrote Redwall more than 20 years ago to entertain the children at Liverpool’s Royal Wavertree School for the Blind. Little did he realize the global success that awaited the series. Redwall was first published in the UK in 1986 and in the USA in 1987.

To celebrate these 20 wonderful Redwall years Philomel will release a special 20th Anniversary Edition of Redwall coinciding with the publication of the latest Redwall adventure Eulalia!


Kelly said...

HI! Thought Id check out your blog! I left you a comment at NaBloPomO but stopped in here. My daughter is a huge Brian Jacques fan. She also has the dvd's and some of the smaller booklets. She has actually created a "draw Redwall" guide book for our son. Major Redwall going on over here! She has even tried teaching me to speak like the characters.

Anyways, feel free to stop by!

Deeapaulitan said...

I was at yours yesterday Kelly, I just didn't leave a comment - I tend to lurk! Sorry. Our daughters would be good friends, I think. Out of all my kids, it's my youngest daughter (14) who has loved and collected these. All 3 kids will read/ listen to them, but Minda is the one who devours them!