Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Cassia requested a family gathering for her birthday.  That may no seem like a whole lot, but with our schedules it takes some major finagling.  We were able to pull it off the day after her birthday, though!  When asked what she would like for dinner she gave me a pretty quick reply - Salmon!
Being in Montana makes it kind of scary buying fish.  Costco has come through for me more than once and they did again.  We enjoyed Wild Pacific Salmon, Baked Potatoes, Green Salad and Cran-raspberry spritzers. 

Our family isn't much for cake eating, so we are always poking candles into other things so wishes can be made over them.  :) 
We could not be more proud of our firstborn.  Sensitive and compassionate, kind and warm.  She can let go of things rather well, but not people.  Once she has them in her heart she is tenacious to hold them, pray for them, minister to them. 
I wish I was still at home full time to be able to really make these days as special as we used to, but that is not the season we are in right now.  Right now I'm thankful we could gather; all at one time, in one place, for one purpose - in celebration of a beautiful life, being well lived, fully enjoyed, and treasured by many.  The 21 years of the life of Cassia, our daughter/sister/friend.

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