Monday, November 01, 2010

Dressing Up

 Malinda still loves to play dress up!  This is her 2nd year going with a group of friends to do a food drive instead of getting candy.  It's called Trick-or-Treat So Kids Can Eat.  Everyone still gets to have the fun of putting on a disguise, & it really blesses the people whose doorbells they ring to be able to give more than a candy bar!
At the ELC, where I am a teacher's aide, they had a dress up day too.  I didn't, but check out Dani (the teacher in my class) and her trusty sidekick!
 A few more of the kiddos. 

James and I spent the evening playing cribbage amidst the ringing of the bell and handing out sweets to the kiddos of the neighborhood.  :) 
For those of you who know me from when the kids were growing up - this is WAY out of character.  I'm still not an advocate of the holiday, but!  I am an advocate of giving those who are a safe, fun avenue to enjoy it.

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