Saturday, November 20, 2010

Making of a Dream

Having your son move thousands of miles away from you is bad enough; having him move to North Hollywood really makes you uncomfortable.  Then you pray and hear God saying to let him go and trust Him.  
Then He begins to move.  Money needed comes quickly.  A friend, who is a believer, calls to say he has just moved around the block from the dance school your son is trying to go to and wants to give him a place to stay.  Plane tickets are arranged & so is a ride to get there.  
Then he arrives.  He's chosen his first day at school to dance back up with a rising star.  He goes to  a good church.  He and his roommate begin writing music together and making tracks of ones already composed.  They pitch one to an agent, who pitches it to a producer. 
Then 3 weeks into a new home, new church, new classes, the producer says, "Let me hear more of your stuff, Tofer".  And just like that, just like only God can, your son is finding himself in the middle of a dream becoming reality.  Not just for himself but for the man of God who gave him a home, and even more, a friend to lean on. 
 Learning the board and the equipment of a major recording studio.
 Arranging harmonies.
 Laying down tracks.
 Finding favor with major players.
And loving the journey - keeping it real - letting God lead.
I'm still praying.  Still asking Abba to hold his heart, keep him safe, keep his focus centered, and bring him safely home.  ... I am still the Mama, after all.

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Sara said...

Awesome! It's so great to see this all happening for him...especially after spending time with him in Idaho and seeing that passion in his eyes...we knew he was on the verge of something big. xxoo