Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Send off

The past couple months we've had to say goodbye to some people it isn't easy to let go of.  I know God has seasons, tides, bridges, batons, seed sowing, ... and any other metaphor/simile that describes transitions in life, that are healthy, but sometimes I really don't like what 'is good for me'.
Stefan left for Iraq.  Josh left for Boeing. Both were so excited about the doors God is opening for them.  Both had a hard time leaving James and the rest of the Summit fam.  I feel like I'm letting go of sons because they have really taken root in my heart.  
I'm sad we didn't get photos of our Kung-Fu Panda night with Stefan and Danielle.  Noodles, dumplings and, of course, the Wooshi Finger Hold and the fabulous 5! 
Josh's departure gave us a bit more time & therefor, photo ops.
Eating cookies, watching the Hawks lose.
 Basecamp Jenga!

Move day.  Hooked up at his place.  He wanted shots of the view he'd had for 2 years; this gigantic Maple in the backyard.

 Michael and Paul (dad and little brother) came to help him move.  We had some breakfast together before they took off to play Old Works one last time.

 James gave Josh a Housh Jersey too.  He has the "Home" colors, James has the "Away". 

There were tears.  Both Stefan and Josh are the kind of guys you just love to be with.  Easy, relaxed, funny, family oriented, & kind.  I miss them both so much.  Can't wait for when they return - whether from war or from the land of Boeing.  There will be hugs, and warm cookies, and a pint waiting!

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