Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Carry me on my way... {3}

Born - to parents who had just adopted a son and were contemplating divorce. 10 months later they were; I looked just like my father...
18 months - Spinal Meningitis.  Not expected to live.  Proved them wrong.
2 yr - Car accident. 45 stitches across face. No scar.
8 yrs - first realization of how destitute we were and how cruel children can be. Begin journals and photographing life with Mama's camera.
12 yr - lie about a life.  wish it were truth.  Met Laura. One friend is worth more than a 1000 so-called's.
16 yr - met James in dance class. wrote all summer.
18 yr - married James, for love. Taught ballet, for love.
19, 20, 23 yr - Cassia, Christopher, Minda.  Motherhood is a grace and a glory.
32 yr - diagnosed with Lupus. no cure. Prayer & faith work miracles.
35 & 36 yr - Korea. Kindness & respect ~ received and given.
36 yr - Daddy dies unexpectedly.  So hard to not say 'good-bye'.
40 yr -  Mama dies. 4 months after cancer diagnosis. 'Good-bye' doesn't make it easier.


Shalet said...

Love you Deea!

Deeapaulitan said...

I love you too. I'm headed your way this summer. Hoping to get to see you!! (end of July)