Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Don't Look Now... {2}

How would I describe me?
Old and out of shape.
Kind, comfortable, & little.
Sassy, stubborn, wistful, & wishful.
Easy laugh-er.
 I see me in their eyes.  They don't describe me the way I describe myself.
 They say I'm "GAHgeous" & cute.  
Generous, caring, loyal, & hospitable.
They say I'm a dreamer.
Wise & stuffed with awesome.
Employee of the month, Mom, family oriented.
Chef & cuddler.
 I want to be seen as a woman who is full of grace, talented, and a person of peace.  I want others to be drawn to me ~ or see something in me that makes them look deeper & want to get to know me.
I wonder if they see a reflection of something larger than myself in me.  Do I sparkle?

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