Monday, June 06, 2011

Don't Look Now... {1}

The context of my life?  Home, family, relationship.  They are who I am.  They are the environment and the substance that bring cohesion and sense to life - that tell me who I am, why I am here, how to fully live.
Who am I?
*I am an introvert.  Deriver of energy from solitude.  It isn't shyness, nor is it vulnerability - I just like to be alone.  Family and relationship challenges me to expel energy - to let it overflow on them.
*I am an early riser.  Watcher of the pink light of dawn through the firs.  Relisher of the quiet stillness.  Delighter in the languid hours.
*I am a devoted becomer.  Dedicated to metamorphosis.  Committed to the process of growth - of becoming.
I am a :
~ seed planter
~ decipherer of words
~ believer
~ audience & confidant
~ chronicler of memories
~ pupil
~ list maker
~ note taker
~ patron of the green grocer
~ organic / local/ slow food advocate and devourer
~ red wine imbiber
~ master (rather, mistress) of a Pekingese
~ wifer-for-lifer
~ mommy
~ auntie
~ sister
~ friend
~ cook
~ servant
~ thought provoker
~ coffee connoisseur /snob
~ lover & fighter (protector of whom I love)
There is probably more.  In the past the list would have been much longer. Growing older has whittled away the requirements of me.  The emerging image from beneath the knife's blade is someone I am happy to be, though.
There are roles I wish I was cast for.  Ones that I still hope the whetted edge carves into me somehow.

What I can't say I am, that I so wish I could:
~ incessant world traveler
~ daughter
~ author of classics
~ head turner, *sigh*


Molly said...

"growing old has whittled away the requirements of me" LOVE this - and it also quite applicable to my own life.

I, too, am an introvert and derive energy from solitude. I am an introvert in a family of extroverts - it makes for an interesting dynamic :)

Deeapaulitan said...

It does make an interesting dynamic. I'm a better person because of their insistance that I get involved. :) "Mom, I'm having a few friends over tonight. Could you make extra so I can invite them to dinner?", "Hey Babe, there's a bunch of couples playing frisbee at the park, let's go join 'em.", "Mama tell these guys the story about ..."

Then they let me be alone and refuel for their next adventure.

MeMe said...

Your writing is lovely. It helps me stretch and think about our Unravelling journey in more creative ways. And I resonate with your descriptions of being an introvert.