Sunday, July 20, 2008


Malinda Judith is officially 15! (Applause)

The Queen of Eternal Happiness presided over the birthday breakfast of Maple Bars and various other confections.
Cassia's birthday cards are famous around our house. They could be a small novel, but she says so many sweet and wonderful thing that you don't mind reading the whole thing in one sitting!
She gets to start wearing makeup, so we spent the afternoon at the mall getting lessons in application and then trying on some lip colors.
Usually Minda doesn't want cake. Last year it was brownies, the year before was Rice Crispy treats, but this year she wanted Cranberry Orange cake. So I obliged.
Friends came over after church to celebrate. Minda had asked for pork roast, biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob. (Not a low fat, or vegan meal!!) There was nothing left.
Happy #15, baby girl. We love you beyond belief!
Things Minda Loves:
Bright Colors
Long Skirts
Tea in tiny teapots
Irish Rovers
Accents and Languages
Moths and Butterflies

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loefflermom said...

Happy Birthday Melinda! We love you too!

Paul, Shari and the boys

naomi said...

what a beautiful 15 year old you are minda!

Sabrina said...

Really 15?! Deea honestly you have to have your children not get any older because that makes me feel old and you don't want to do that, do ya?

All kidding aside tell Minda I said happy birthday and that I love her and miss her bunches!

Judy Paul said...

It looks like Malinda had a fun celebration for her
15th birthday. What a beautiful granddaughter we have. Wish we could have joined in the celebration.
Grandpa and Grandma Paul