Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Delights

Summer seems to have made up it's mind to stay awhile in Bozeman! Although the weather hasn't been hot, it's been warm and pleasant. It's made us dream of picking raspberries at Grama's, and eating cherries as we sit in the crook of the branches... days gone by.
The sunshine has also made us want to eat right ~ cold vegies and fruits, high Omega 3s, grains and nuts. Lunch today was cold Pacific Sockeye in a Garlic Dijon Pesto, fresh organic Strawberries and an organic green smoothie (Kale, Orange, peach, carrot). It was absolutely perfect. Makes me wish I had leftover Salmon more often!
We've also been walking a lot more as those rays grace our days. Minda and I (& Cricket) walk to the mailbox both to send out and again to pickup. Coming home this morning, we had to stop and pick some wildflower bouquets. Doesn't Min look cute? She had just finished watching "Fiddler on the Roof" the night before and came upstairs this morning en-kerchiefed!
The evenings are glorious displays of color. Greens, blues, lavenders, pinks, oranges, and yellows. I'm not usually awakes when the sun is going down (I still like to be in bed before 9) but, when I am still up, I do so love the Evensong hour.
At the bottom of our driveway is a hill that is tall and wild with a muddle of weeds and flowers ~ God makes it seem less of a mess and more of an orchestrated chorus during this magical hour. Moments like this make all feel right in the world.
Are you finding your summer full of delights?
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naomi said...

such beautiful pictures! cute minda too.