Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All's Quiet on the Home Front

Jim Hawthorne called J. to ask if he could borrow Tofer for this weeks Jr High camp. They were short the # of male counselors needed for the amount of campers coming in.
Many of you will remember that Tof spent 6 weeks at YAA last summer and another week with Jim and Seth going up and over the Spanish Peaks.
Tof really thrives in this kind of enviorment. Constant busyness. Never a moment to be idle really. He loves the work with the grounds, the kids, the worship, the food - every aspect.
I can totally see him going into this full time when he graduates.
Minda had applied and deeply desired to do the Timothy program this year (what Tof did last summer), but J & I were feeling a strong pull to keep the kids close. We thought this might be Cassia's last summer home, and we were just feeling the need to be family. It's been good, and we are glad we made the decision.
However... when we gave the ok for Tof to counsel, we had to call Jim back and ask if Minda could join the staff as well. Jim graciously said for her to come on up and help in the kitchen. She is on KP for the week and is more excited than a kid in a candy shop! Needless to say, the house is quiet and very low key with only Cassia, Cricket and I here most of the day. Devotions, J comes and goes, we do our chores, snap a few photos and then??? I think I'll go grocery shopping ...
All photos by YAA in summer 2007


naomi said...

wish i was going to be here this week, we could all hang out! enjoy your quiet house and i'll see you next week! sure love you guys-n

Sara said...

Wow...that IS a quiet house :) What fun for them though. Awesome memories and a lifetime of friendships in the making.