Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This and That

One of the things I love about J is how easily he strikes up conversations. Saturday morning we had an appointment for the Acura to get checked out. Lassie's window wouldn't roll up. While the guys were givin' her the once over, we walked to our favorite coffee spot. Not two minutes after sitting down a guy commented to J about his book. The book happened to be his Bible and they went on for the next hour talking about this guy's life and what he believed. He came to church the next day! I'm tellin' ya... God uses my man in ways that still floor me after 19.7 years.Later that evening we went to the Murray's for - - - drum roll please - - - Frogmore stew! I think I have eaten Frogmore more in the past 4 months than in the past 19 years! It was awesome! We got to meet Don's Mom and sister who were here visiting from the east coast and also hang with the Adams. Merle and Don have been building this incredible bed for Mo. Can't wait to see it in his room finally! Monday, Bella met me at Co-Op for lunch. She had Noodles, and I had Tabouhli and mushrooms - Oh ya! Sara came too ;o). It was a perfect afternoon. We headed to Rockford after lunch where Bella got herself a "beer" while Sara and I had tea. When I arrived home, J had planned a hike together. I loaded trail food (Kashi bars, peanuts, cheese sticks, oranges, carrots and celery, croissants...) and water bottles into our groovy purple pack and we climbed aboard Beezus & drove to Paradise Valley. An hour later we disembarked at Passage Creek Falls trailhead and started off on our adventure. 2 summers ago there was a huge fire that devestated this area. Although it was still very evident that the fire had swept through, there was new growth and it was lush and green on the forest floor. We were very ready to arrive and just sit for a spell.
At the top of the falls both J and T took off their shoes and socks to refresh their tootsies.

it was a little more "refreshing" than he was ready for! :o) We drove the long way home, singing to James Taylor and praying we wouldn't run out of gas. Papa Murphy provided dinner for the troupes ~ Mama had a Banana Orange smoothie and then curled up in a little ball and promptly went to sleep. :o)

How was your weekend? I know Stephen turned 20 (which by the way makes me feel ancient) this week and Sabrina turned 30? 31? Did ya'll do any celebrating? (HW is about to turn 30 ~ and is as beautiful as Ev-Uh!!! ) I know Los will make it special.


Sabrina said...

I turned 31! I swear I was just 25 where did the time go?

I had a fairly low key birthday went to church, had lunch with some friends and then went to Fremont to a market and sat by the water.

Anonymous said...

I want to be on that trail with you guys. It looks amazing! Thanks for the love! H