Thursday, July 03, 2008

Together Again

Who would have thought 2 years ago that God would have connected me to a someone in such a round about way... I'm so thankful He did. Sara and Matt were 2 of the founding members of our small group, so of course we had to have them come since they are back from tour! We had everyone bring some fried chicken, and we made Potato Salad (a Vegan one and a regular), Tabouli, Watermelon Salsa with Flax and Grain Chips, Mint tea with lime, and Homemade ice cream!
Sara brought this awesome salad (that I had 6 helpings of)! It had Hemp seed in it. My first encounter and they were yummy!

Our Ms. K is off to Gabon in the morning. We love this girl so much. She and Sam have blessed us beyond imagination since we have been in Bozeman. She is getting to fulfill a life-long dream by going to serve the orphans in Africa. How exciting that God is not just the dream giver, but also the fulfiller of those dreams!!! Please keep her and Sam in your prayers.

Of course there was the testosterone side of things too. :o) Bags - in the cool of the day, with an incredible view, but they only had eyes for the prize! We have no yard (just forest and hillsides), so we set up on the deck!
NayNay taking her 'turn' at the deep freezer! Grampa would be proud!
I just made vanilla last night, but I sauced some of the rhubarb from market for a topping - Cassia told me that Rhubarb sauce is for store bought ice cream, home made can stand on it's own 2 feet! heehee
The reward of the Crank!! Delicious!We kept our Footprint lighter last night as well. Everyone used our picnicware and kept the same cups (thanks to glow-in-the-dark stars with their names on them attached to each one!) So at the end of the night, the only thing we tossed were the glasses and forks. One small (10 gallon) bag of garbage with well over 24 people here! I wish you could recylce the plastics we had to toss, but I'm going to be looking for picnicwares in those arenas too, as well as more cloth napkins, so there isn't even one bag of garbage to toss at the end of the night!
J invited a couple he recently met to come hang with us and they did! Kristine and Mike came and even got their game on! Kristine had the guys worried that they would no longer be Lord of the Bags! I hope they'll come again.


naomi said...

that night did just have everything "summer"! we had a great time!

Sara said...

It was a great time...thanks for hosting!! It's great to be back in Bozeman again! xxoo

Heather said...

Wow...looks like you had a wonderful time!