Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back from the dead?

I have famous relatives! The most unlikely people in the least likely place have become celebrities!
In a tiny town on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State a phenomena has hit. Any of you familiar with Stephanie Meyers' books? The Twilight series? I wasn't. Until my in-laws told me of their stay with Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan. Giggly, giddy girls and women racing into the yard at the B&B snapping pictures and giggling more before racing away ... Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan own The Miller Tree Inn (or, in Twilight, the home of the Cullens). Uncle Bert & Aunt Martha own the Forks Outfitters and Thriftymart where Bella works.

Recently, when we flew to Portland I became an instant SOMEBODY with 2 ladies, who were reading the series, couldn't believe I had not only been to Forks (several times), but had stayed in the Cullen's home.

I understand fascination. I would feel elated at being able to visit Green Gables or the home of Betsy, Tacy, and Tib. I don't think I would be giddy, but it would definately be a thrill.
There was a time when we wondered if Forks would survive. The whole Spotted Owl controversy of the 80's also put them on the map - but for all the wrong reasons. The lumber capital of the world just about went belly up. Now that the undead have bitten the population at large, Forks has come back to life...
P.S. I haven't read the books, and don't intend to. Nor do I intend to see the movie. Still, I am glad for my family to be blessed by the obsession of others!

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