Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pleasures of the Heart - Day 3

20 years Today!

Doug & J.

Polly & I

Mr. & Mrs. Paul

Doug & Polly

A Toast!

Today's post - the things about J. that delight my heart:

*His smile! Life is always darkest in our home when he has to search for his smile again.

*The man loves God more than me! Which makes me very secure.

*He is all about family! Both of us are from broken homes, which seems to have made family 5 times as important as it would be otherwise.

*His voice! I still melt when he says my name. I still go weak in the knees when he sings. I still tremble when he is upset.

He also: has great hands (but we won't go into that), is a fantastic dad, works hard & works well, loves to have fun, and appreciates me!

I Love You, Babe! Happy Anniversary!

"A cabbage needs no companions to be a perfect cabbage, but men desperately require all sorts of other people if they are to achieve their aims in life: parents, sibilings, friends, teachers, writers, musicians. Maturing, fulfilling, and happy relationships are replete with experiences of the beautiful, and no life is complete without them." ~ Dubay

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Sara said...

I've so enjoyed your pleasures of the heart series. Love you friend! Happy Anniversary!

Deeapaulitan said...

Thanks Sara! I can't wait for tomorrow's feast!

Judy Paul said...

Happy, happy 20th to you both! Those years surely fly by in a hurry. There is no better arena for learning some of life's toughest lessons than a safe, loving relationship.
Blessings on you and yours.
Dad and Mom

Deeapaulitan said...

Thank you Dad & Mom!
We will miss you all tomorrow. Does Joel get to join you? I know the Portland crew was headed home, and Suzie & Jason are coming into town too. These are difinately the times of year when we notice the miles most.
20 years? Can you believe it?
J. was singing "Looks Like We Made It" earlier. It sure doesn't feel like that long ago that we said "I do" ~ at least not most of the time! :o) Shaun & Anna's wedding doesn't seem like 4 years ago either, though - must just be my age and the "one year runs into another" effect.
We'll be thinking of you tomorrow as we toast (with sparkling cider :o( ) to God's abundant love and blessings over this past year.
Oh! And Peggy Paul said to give you her love. She's headed to Don's along with Gretchen and Corey!

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