Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A New Warrior Arises

*sigh* I wish some stoires never had an end. Brian Jacques' Redwall Tales nearly always have that effect on me.

We were on our way home from Portland a couple weeks ago and stopped in Powells City of Books to browse. I was standing in front of the "youth fiction" section when I glanced down and saw an unfamiliar title in the Redwall section. I literally grabbed it from the shelf and excitedly turned to J exclaiming, "Babe, LOOK! I've never read this one!" He took it from me and walked to the counter ~ I love it when he does things like that! Come to find out, they had barely placed in on the shelf! It was a new release. I bagan reading on the plane, and finished the next morning. They're never long enough! Redwall hasn't had a resident warrior in an age, but when the time comes & the need of one arises, so does a warrior - in the form of a long earred, lollipin', hare-psachord playin', famine faced Laird from the north. It' s the first time I remember a hare carrying Martin's sword in defense of Mossflower and Redwall - but this warrior you will love!

As with all the other tales, there are other endearing characters (like the hedgehog who had most of his snout whacked off and replaced it with a cork so he could look respectable) and lots of feasts (I always walk away famished!) and escapades (you know someone is going to sneak out for their own adventure). I love the tributary stories Jacques wove into this one. A black beast you aren't sure is friend or foe, a "queen" of sweet gatherers, and the Gonflin.

I'll never get enough!

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