Saturday, November 29, 2008

a naoi déag (or Nineteen if you don't speak Gaelic)

Late post, but it's been an entire day in the making!

Today was Cassia's day! 19! She's 19! Unbelievable!

@ 6 AM I lit THE candle and set the table.

Turning the oven temp to 250, I popped the blueberry cobbler in to warm.

By 7:30 we had the birthday girl and her posse at the table. (our big table was still in the front room so they got to rub kneecaps at the round table!) Cobbler and Coffee were the fare for the morning. Minda gave her CS Lewis' Mere Christianity, an 86% cacao bar, and a pin that has a photo of the cutest kid intensely coloring with the caption: "I freakin' LOVE coloring!" ~ I'll try to get a photo. Leave it to Minda to be the one to find it.

Cassia got ready for work and I whisked her there by 10 AM and then ran some errands with Tofer. (Who can give me a shout out about those falling gas prices!!! Woot!)

While I was gone, Minda brought in all the Christmas boxes from the garage and began unpacking.

Cricket misses the tree when it leaves every year. She made herself right at home when we got the lights on and the skirt laid down. It must be nice to be queen.

We headed into town at 4:30 to meet up with Cassia and J. Cassia wanted us all to eat dinner at the restaurant where she works so she could introduce us to some of her co-workers. It was fun! We were given the best table in the house (they call it the "Mafia Table") and they all made sure Cassia was well cared for.

They surprised her at the end of our meal by having everyone come out to sing "happy birthday" - The cooks, the dishwashers, the servers, the bussers - everyone! It really blessed her. It showed me just how loved she is and was special for her to see the fruit of the love she pours out everyday.

Now we are home to unwind. We were going to hang ornaments, but J needed to work, so instead the kids are in their jammies watching Charlie Brown Christmas and drinking wassail.

Nineteen. Hard to believe that she is the same age I was when I had her!


naomi said...

definitely a shout out for the gas prices! that is crazy that she is the same age you were when you had her! hard to wrap my brain around! happy birthday cassia! you are amazing!

Judy Paul said...

It sounds like Cassia had a nice birthday.
Wish we could have been there to celebrate and
add our congratulation to our wonderful
Grandpa and Grandma