Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pleasures of the Heart - Day 2

Two years ago today I got a call at 2 AM. It was the day after Thanksgiving and we were getting ready to move that morning (around 9 AM) to Montana. J. took the call. I blearily asked if everything was ok when he came back to bed. Pulling me close he told me that he had bad news. My daddy had died. I wish I could describe the shock and pain that rushed through me and continued to wash over me in waves as I burried my face in J's shoulder and cried. I still cry. Thanksgiving is difficult now. I miss him.
Strange way to begin this Pleasures of the Heart post, eh? There is a reason. Though pain is real, love is reaches through it. My greatest love comes from my family. Let me introduce you.

The Paul Ladies - Minda, Anna, Judy, Deea, Cassia

The Paul Boys - Fred, Tofer, James

Cricket Quidah of the Amber-dropping-hair RumplesnoutGreat Grampa and Grammy Linda

Celebrating Grama Ella's 90th Birthday in Forks.

They are amazing. They are God's graces that move me beyond pain to the place of joy.
(Not shown in photos: Brothers Kyle & Stuart, Brother-in-law Shaun, Nephew Conner)

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