Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday Homemaking

Meet our newest neighbors. They seem to have adopted us as the honeymoon retreat center.
:o) "With her pretty hair tucked into a little cap, arms bared to the elbow, and a checked apron which had a coquettish look in spite of the bib, the young housewife fell to work, feeling no doubts about her success, for hadn't she seen Hannah do it hundreds of times?" (Little Women)
I do love to bake. As a child, it was the only time I got to help in the kitchen. Grama was particular, but in the end I always was given my own dough to roll and sprinkle sugar crystals over to bake along side her pie. Apple pie was my favorite. (I stashed my crust, saved til the very end - still do)

I also was allowed to peel apples and mix them when Grams had poured the spices over them.
I never quite got the knack of 'fluttering' the edges, but I try.
I figure, in the end, as long as it tastes delicious, who cares how it looks! We'll find out how this one tastes on Thanksgiving. :o)
On another note, I thought I was getting well, but last night got the chills and a bad headache. It's 2:30 AM Friday morning and I'm awake. I did sleep for a about 4 hours, but now my tummy is rolling and my head is throbbing.
It's snowed about 4 inches and is still coming down. Maybe we'll have a snow day and cancel school.


Pastor Paul said...

Teacher's sick, snow's thick on the ground, and no available subs. Sounds like a snow day to me (though 4 inches in MT is probably not really grounds, but it works with the other stuff).

naomi said...

snow day for sure! those pies look so yummy and fun to make

Sara said...

Love the quote from Little Women :) And your pie is so pretty. Sorry you're feeling bad again...I'm sick now too. Blech.