Saturday, October 08, 2011

Carry Me Away {{6}}

Uta and Joe were amazing hosts. 
Joe mad us one of his renowned omlets. Stuffed with mushrooms and leeks, seasoned with tarragon and parsley... Let's just say I didn't bother with lunch that day! 
Breakfast each morning in the courtyard caressed by Pacific breezes?  It was heavenly.
James had arranged for an entire day of wine tasting. 
Rancho Ventero in Oxnard; Petite Syrah
Magnavino in Oxnard; Barbaera - or 2nd favorite of the trip!
They served us cheeses with the wines and had lime water to cleanse our paletes! 
See the little bag on the counter?  Yah, we brought some home!
On to Ojai.  The oldest winery in the Malibu area.  Old Creek Ranch.

The grounds were lovely, but the wines?  Not so much.
Moving along to the next winery in downtown Ojai we found several we could have tucked in our suitcases, but we settled for a Grenache from 2003 - it didn't actually make it home though...
Next was Camarillo & Bella Victoriana for dinner.  Brooke, the vinter's daughter, gave us a little history and shared their wines with us as we ate.  Believe it or not I finally found a Pinot Noir I like!  Of course, after a day of drinking our way along the coastline, it may have been the wines before it clouding my judgement.  I'm going to have to try it again in order to know for sure :)
Beautiful scenery to imbibe by.
The close of the day found us back at the B&B with a plate of cheeses in our room (set out by our hosts!) and a movie on the laptop while we snuggled.  *sigh* I could SO get used to this!

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