Sunday, October 09, 2011

These days...

 We seem to just be waiting for the first real snowfall of the season.  The mornings are bitingly cold.
The knitting needles are fastidiously working.
 The pond is quiet.  It's usual inhabitants have flown.
 The Aspens are turning.  Quaking in the north winds.
 Rain drops tease the ducks from the shore.  One at a time.
 Leaves are letting go.  Dying softly.
 Squash and gourds have found their way to the table.  And other nooks and crannies.
Berries and vines have become entwined with Queen Anne on the front door. 

We are also waiting anxiously for news of the safe arrival of our newest niece/nephew!  Pins and needles!  Hope and prayers.

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James said...

Loved these pics. Love you more!